EGO Gaming: Soft Launch Announcement

The initial announcement regarding the alpha Release of the EGO community site and brief introduction

Submitted by ColdSun on Tue, 06/06/2017 - 01:18

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Welcome to the soft-launch of the EGO Community website.

After working on this in not-so-secret for as long as we have been, it’s totally exciting to be able to finally open up to the public and get feedback from you, the community.

So let me start by telling you what EGO is, and then briefly touch on what we hope EGO will become. Right now, we’re opening up this site, where myself and others will be covering online games that we find interesting. Sometimes it will be off-the-cuff, sometimes it will be reasoned and well-written. We’ll review games here, and we’ll talk about upcoming stuff, as well. We’ll be posting things such as images, videos, blogs, game updates and opinion pieces. While this is happening, we will also be developing a theme and additional features. It is possible (but highly unlikely) that we may do one more fresh 'boot' of the site in the upcoming weeks to trim the fat during this feature-building process. Fortunately however, we are also working on a new robust staging system so our live site will never have to be trimmed again.

We’ll also use this site as the primary vessel to talk about the network we’re building behind the scenes. There is a growing team of dudes and dudettes who are striving to build a robust, feature-filled gaming platform, which we’ll then use to empower other gaming communities. As this community is focused on communities of gamers, we’ll show you a bit of the process behind building a site tailored to a video game community, like what types of content we plan on publishing, or what sort of interaction you can expect to have with the site’s community features, and even what kind of optimizations and frameworks we're using to maintain a high level of performance.

There’ll be more info in the weeks ahead, so I’ll keep it brief. But to all of you who have been following the EGO progression so far, I just wanted to say thanks for sticking it out, and I really think the site is going to be great!